"Brazil in a boxes"


8N1 recently produced some fantastic "Brazil in a boxes".

The task was to show issues they had covered in a bright and creative way.

They have been studying life in Brazilian Favelas, and the issues residents face (including the “174  Bus Murder”), and  the contrast with the richer parts of the city. They have also recently been studying the layers of the Tropical Rainforest and the biodiversity that exists there.

Emanuella, Lutra and Ashleigh (from Year 8) came up with a fantastic (and huge) creation showing the different parts of Brazil. Oliwia, Amelia, Liza , Holly and Hannah (Year 8) also came up with an excellent design(including flashing lights). We also had some boxes showing the Brazilian passion for all things football. One box though, created by Louise looked at protests and anger at the staging of the 2014 World Cup, with public money spent on building stadiums.