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Our Vision

Our vision is to provide an accessible and purposeful education for students from the Ashfield area who are in need of a bespoke, individualised curriculum which suits their specific needs. We aim to provide a happy, friendly and supportive environment that is conducive to young people fulfilling their potential.

Our vision is centred on three main tenets:
  • Work and co-operate together in an environment where we respect each other, the equipment, the buildings and the work we do.
  • Make every effort to make the work and activities we do interesting, challenging and purposeful
  • Try our best to succeed at what we do every day in order to improve our learning and us as young people.


Our Aims

The Key Stage 3 Offer

The aims of the key stage 3 curriculum are:

  • To prepare pupils for a reintegration back in to a mainstream school or other appropriate educational centre
  • To assess all pupils to identify additional needs & make appropriate and relevant referrals to support pupils on their return to school
  • To give pupils an opportunity to address the reasons why they are no longer in mainstream education & to demonstrate that they are in a position to return to a mainstream environment
  • To support schools & pupils to give them the best opportunity to make a successful transition


Initial Assessment


  • All students are assessed so that we have an understanding of their capabilities & their needs
  • We look at data from their previous schools to see what levels they have achieved & what progress they have been making
  • Each pupil is made aware of the reasons for their no longer being in mainstream. They may disagree with them but they need to take account of them. Targets are set from this point


The Curriculum - Literacy and Numeracy

  • For many students limitations in their literacy & numeracy skills has an overwhelming impact on their ability to access a mainstream curriculum every day all students will have either a literacy or numeracy lesson in order for them to reach their full potential


The Curriculum – Competencies

  • Our curriculum is designed to cover all of the competencies required for a successful school career
  • These competencies reflect the main concerns raised by schools when referring students to us
  • Each project we deliver will combine several aspects of the curriculum and will give students an opportunity to demonstrate a variety of school skills

The Key Stage 4 offer

The main aim we have focused on when developing our KS4 curriculum has been to maximise the chance that after leaving your child will successfully be able to get an apprenticeship, a job or move onto college.

There are five key elements to our KS4 curriculum:

  •  Literacy and Numeracy : as many of our pupils have struggled to access the curriculum in mainstream education, we have placed an emphasis on literacy and numeracy to support their journey through GCSEs
  • Qualifications: all qualification taught in the Link Centre are accredited, from GCSE to BTEC. We aim to deliver an enriching range of subjects tailored to your child’s aspirations. Alongside Maths and English GCSE we offer a range of vocational qualifications sought out to reflect the current job market in the area
  • Enrichment : Another important aspect of the centre is our range of enrichment activities that we offer our pupils. Each enrichment activity has been chosen in order to offer your child the chance to take part in an activity they may not have experienced before
  • Information, advice and guidance: as well as giving our young adults the academic skills necessary for their lives, we are also very keen to give them information and guidance on careers, post-16 education and interview advice