Governors’ role


 The role of the Governing Body is an intrinsic part of the leadership of the school, although often unseen by parents and other community stakeholders.  This impact statement is one way in which the Governing Body articulate their role in school leadership, the impact which they have had on school improvement and be transparent about their activities.


 All members of the Governing Body receive training. The impact of this is that the Governing Body are kept abreast of their responsibilities with regard to the latest requirements and expectations.

Impact of the Full Governing Body meetings

Headteacher’s appraisal

 The Governing Body carries out the head teacher’s appraisal annually. Several Governors (who are trustees) have undertaken headteacher’s appraisal training and expert assistance was sought from an independent educational advisor. The appraisal process allows us to look closely at the performance of the headteacher, have discussions about areas of strength and weakness in that performance and set new targets against which the headteacher’s performance will be evaluated.

The impact of this is that governors understand the areas of strength and weakness in teaching within the school.  This enables them to challenge the headteacher on how good practice within school is being shared for whole school benefit and how weaknesses are being addressed.  The different sources of data enable us to triangulate information and ensure that conclusions drawn from various sources are congruent.

Governing Body Structure

Quarrydale Academy Governing Body consists of 14 members:

3 staff governors

6 appointed governors

3 parent governors

The Headteacher

 In addition to the Full Governing Body we also have three other committees:

Pupils and Personnel

Finance and General Purposes

Strategic Development

The impact of the committee meetings are that they are more focused and productive on minutia of detail, and all members are aware of all the strategic issues pertaining to the school.


 The Governing Body is involved in all areas of recruitment including short-listing and the interview process.

Impact of the Pupil and Personnel Committee

 This committee focuses on the minutia of detail in regard to pupil progress and attainment. They also concentrate on safeguarding, the prevent strategy and child protection, they have commissioned an external inspection on an annual basis for the Academy’s safeguarding procedures.

Impact of the Finance and General Purposes Committee

 This committee focuses on the minutia of detail in regard to the budget, financial planning are at the heart of its work. This committee has made some difficult decisions based around managing an ageing site, the problems of asbestos and clasp building and has been working hard to allow the Academy to improve their site, whilst maintaining a sound financial basis.

Impact of the Strategic Development Committee

This committee focuses on the minutia of detail in regard to areas of longer term development, they look at the curriculum plan, how the Academy meets the needs of its learners and whether there is a long term vision in place and how that will be achieved. The committee interrogate data, the Academy’s structure and development plan and look to support self-evaluation and partnership working.

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