Here at Quarrydale we are committed to the prevention and eradication of bullying in all its forms. Students and staff all share the responsibility to challenge unacceptable language and to role model respect for themselves, their peers and the whole Quarrydale community. 

In 2019 we signed up to the Anti-Bullying Alliance's programme and we have been working hard to improve how we tackle bullying and how we foster a safe and inclusive environment for all our students. As part of this initiative, almost 60 students signed up to the 'No Bystanders' pledge (promising that they will report any bullying they see or hear). We have been working hard with experts from the local authority to implement staff training, raise student awareness and put interventions in place to support students who exhibit bullying behaviour. 

Please visit the 'Info' page of the website and click on 'Policies and Reports' to read our new Anti-Bullying policy. 

If you are concerned about a bullying issue, please ring reception and ask to speak to the relevant Head of Year.