At Quarrydale Academy we have good attendance and strive to keep it so. The importance of good attendance is essential if students are to achieve their full potential. We see communication between home and school as a vital link if we are to achieve this and maintain accurate and up to date attendance records of individual students.

As an Academy we would appreciate the help of parents/carers in the following ways:


On the first day a student is absent, please contact the Academy on 01623 554178 to inform us of the reason for absence and give an indication as to the length of time you expect them to remain absent. The office opens at 8:15 a.m or you can leave a voicemail message by pressing option 1 for KS3 and option 2 for KS4/5.  If, for whatever reason there is a problem contacting us you can complete an absence slip online, which can be found on the forms link under Parents. Please note we will require a contact number just in case we need to verify this. An absence note signed by the parent/carer giving the reason for the absence, is then required on the first day of return.


The Department for Education and Skills (DfES) issues the following advice:

"Where ever possible, holidays should not be taken in term time. Avoid taking your child on holiday at times when he or she should be taking exams/tests. You should not expect your child’s school to agree to a family holiday during term time. The school will carefully consider your request and will take your child’s attendance record into account. School will not agree to your child missing more than a total of ten school days for a family holiday in any one school year, unless there is a very good reason. If your child is away for more than 10 days, the school may set work for him or her to do while you are away."


Medical/Dental Appointments

Appointments for doctor’s, dentists and opticians should be made before or after the school day or during the school holidays. Please note most dentists now operate a late night surgery.

Where this is not possible, e.g. hospital/orthodontic appointments etc. the Academy requires a copy of the appointment letter confirming the time and date in order that this may be authorised.

Please note Quarrydale will only authorise half a day's absence for non-urgent medical appointments.

Should you have any concerns at any time over your child’s attendance you can contact Debbie Hadfield for students in Years 10-13 and Clare Collins for students in Years 7 - 9 or your child’s Head of Year or Tutor.

The Academy's Role

The school will determine whether any absence can be authorised. The school will contact you either by text, phone or letter to query any unauthorised absence. Certificates/Rewards will be given to students whose attendance is high and for pupils whose attendance has improved. Each child will be given a challenging but achievable attendance target to work towards. An attendance record will be included in your child's yearly report and termly assessment profile.

It is a legal requirement for parents/carers to send their child to school. Quarrydale Academy actively pursues students whose attendance is below average, and will work closely with the Teacher Support Service to ensure improvement.

Absence Explanation Slip

If your child is absent from school you must provide a valid reason for this absence.

Please download a printable form which should be returned to your child's school when they return:


Leave of Absence During Term Time


Below is an application form for you to request permission for your child to be absent from school to take part in an annual family holiday. Before completing the application form, please read these notes carefully:

  • The law states that you do not have the right to take your child out of school for holidays during term time. The Local Authority works with schools to reduce the numbers of children missing school because of holidays taken in term time and schools can refuse your request to take your child out of school.
  • If you wish to take your child on holiday during term time, you must apply for permission in advance in writing using the attached form. Permission for authorised leave of absence may be granted for holidays in special circumstances, totaling no more than two weeks in any school year, unless there are very exceptional circumstances. Please note the school year is from September to July.
  • The Department for Children Schools & Families state that absence for holidays in term time due to the following reasons will not be authorised:
  • Availability of cheap holidays
  • Availability of desired accommodation
  • Poor weather experienced in the school holiday period
  • Overlap with beginning or end of term
  • Holidays booked before checking with the school
  • Day trips (Keeping Pupil Registers – guidance in applying pupil registration regulations - DCSF September 2006)
  • There are certain times of the year when a child may experience extra problems because of missing school. These include examination periods, at the time of starting a new school and at the start of a new school term. In deciding whether to authorise your child’s absence and give permission for a holiday in term time, the school will take these and other factors into account.
  • If the school refuse your application and you still take your child out of school the absences will be treated as unauthorised. Unauthorised absences may lead to a Penalty Notice or a Summons being issued against you for irregular school attendance. 
  • Having read these notes, if you still wish to apply for a leave of absence for your child to accompany you on holiday during term time then please complete the application attached. This form should be returned to your child’s school as far in advance of the proposed holiday as possible.

    Issued by Nottinghamshire Education Welfare Service October 2008

    Having read these notes, if your still with to apply for a leave of absence for your child to accompany you on a holiday during term time please download a printable form which should be returned to your child's school as far in advance of the proposed holiday as possible.

    All students in Y7 to Y11 are expected to remain on the premises for lunch unless they have a pass to go home. This action is taken to ensure the safety and welfare of pupils by stopping them leaving the school site and walking around the local community at lunchtime.

    If you would like your child to have their lunch at home, please contact school to arrange a time to meet with either the head teacher or one of the senior team. During the meeting you will be taken through the conditions of the ‘home for lunch’ contract, which will need to be signed by you, your son/daughter and school representative before a pass can be issued. We will also need to have a passport size photograph of you child for the production of the lunch pass.

    Your child’s pass will not authorise the use of local shops and businesses, unless they are purchasing food to eat at home.

    As previously mentioned, this measure is to ensure that both school and parents know the whereabouts of the children during the school day.

    As lunchtime lasts for only 40 minutes, returning home for lunch will be possible only for students who live very close to school.