The Ambassadors at Quarrydale represent the LGBTQ+ community.

We have weekly meetings every Wednesday, during lunch in F25. Since its start-up in 2017, the group have raised awareness in the academy on LGBTQ+ issues and mental health.

We raised funds for Diversity Role Models in our first ever Quarrydale Pride event, held in November 2018 in conjunction with Rainbow Laces week.

If you are passionate about LGBTQ+ (as a member of the community or an ally) or improving mental health here at Quarrydale, why not come and join our growing numbers?

You are welcome WHOEVER you are!

Pride Writing Contest



  • 1st place prize for Originality goes to Akira and Chase 1 & Akira and Chase 2 - one story from 2 perspectives (by Nellie-Jo 9A and Estelle 9D)
  • 2nd place prize for Literacy goes to Matthew 9A for Hidden
  • 3rd place prize for Most Inspiring goes to Poppy 7E  for Jacob The Rainbow Boy
  • 4th place prize for Humour goes to Theo 9A for Uncle Peaches


Read the entries here:


Pride Bake Off


We raised £125.03!

Winning entry:


Other cakes:


Pride 2019


Pride 2020