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School Council


Quarrydale Council is a group of students who are elected to act as the official voice for all students. The council meets on a regular basis and discusses any issues that arise. They then decide on what issues they should follow up and what action they should take. The issues are ones that matter to the students and are important for the whole school.

Students only support their school council if it does things that are important to them, the school council uses different methods to find out what students and staff think.

  • Tutor group discussions
  • Year council discussions
  • Surveys / questionnaires

Getting All the Students involved

Tutor Group Council
This refers to the registration group; every student takes part in regular tutor meeting to discuss any issues people want to raise. Each tuutor group at Quarrydale has 2 representatives, elected by members of the tutor group.

Year Council
Tutor groups elect representatives to the year council, where they discuss issues with the reps of all other tutor groups in their year. They keep the tutor groups up to date with what is being discussed or what projects are going to run. Once a project is running especially a fundraiser any member of the year group can get involved.

School Council
Year councils elect representatives to become members of various Whole School Council committees. These committees are Curriculum, Site and Community.

The Curriculum School Council is involved in issues and projects such as:

  • The interview process for new members of staff
  • Redesigning the Year 8 Options booklet and Options advice for Year 8 students

The Site School Council is involved in issues and projects such as:

  • The bike sheds
  • The redesign of the dining hall and its menus
  • Various displays around the school

The Community School Council is involved in issues and projects such as:

  • Intergenerational meetings
  • Fundraising (Operation Christmas Child, Children in Need, Epilepsy Awareness, Action Aid, Kings Mill Children’s Ward.
  • School Linking project with Sir William Robertson High School, Lincoln